1 750 000 zł

There is only 1 house, with a construction area of 350 m2, available. The pictures have two different decoration options, but both correspond to the Standard Price.

The plot has an area of 1011.8 m2/sq.m.

It has two price options that will dictate the decor, some materials used and amenities.

– 1.750.000,00 € – Standard Price


– 1.500.000,00€ – Alternative Price (more information on the type of materials used, features and amenities, on request).

There are 6 more houses with different characteristics and bigger areas, for higher prices.

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This is the first sustainable project in Praia da Luz, offering eight luxury contemporary residences, with areas ranging from 350 up to 480m2. It is one of the last plots available in Praia da Luz, with privacy and panoramic sea views.

Built according to Passive House standards, adapted to the Algarve’s weather conditions, it uses the most advanced systems of solar energy and water management, as well as the best insulation technologies, reducing the cost of the house and creating a truly eco-friendly experience.

Following the passive-solar building design, its contemporary architecture allows controlling solar penetration, exposing the windows to direct sunlight during the winter, and creating shadows in the summer.

Standard specifications include a private garden, outdoor terrace, and private pool. The heated pool with automatic cover and jacuzzi are standard in some houses and can be added as extras in others.

The health and comfort of our clients is the builder’s ultimate goal. As such, this project was built with all-natural materials, including wood and stone floors with underfloor heating and ecological, low-emission paints and wall coverings.

The builder uses some of the most advanced construction technologies, including SIPS and ETIC systems, with high thermal, acoustic and seismic resistance.


Based on passive-solar building design and the latest renewable energy management systems, it was designed to consume 25% of the energy that similar houses, built according to traditional standards, use.


The houses feature advanced materials and the latest renewable energy management technologies to be self-powered and operational off-grid.

• Passive-solar design;

• Solar thermal panels system for water heating;

• Photovoltaic panels with accumulation batteries

• Gas grill

• 40m3 cistern with rainwater retention for outdoor use.


Low emission paints and wall coverings; 100% natural material, including wood and stone finishes.

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